Emergency Eye Care

Annual eye exams are essential for your vision and the health of your eyes. Between your annual visits, you may need an emergency visit to an ophthalmologist. It is important to understand what constitutes an eye emergency so that you can seek treatment at MECA Eye & Laser Center in Memphis immediately if it is needed.


Sudden Vision Loss In One or Both Eyes

If you lose vision in one or both eyes, you should call one of our eye doctors immediately. There are several causes of vision loss, including:

  • Retinal detachment
  • Retinal artery occlusion
  • Retinal vein occlusion
  • Stroke

These are just a few causes of sudden vision loss. If you experience vision loss, you should contact your eye doctor immediately.

Angle-Closure Glaucoma

This is a form of glaucoma that occurs when the eye's drainage system becomes clogged, causing a rapid increase in eye pressure. The rapid increase causes severe symptoms, including:

  • Severe eye pain
  • Severe headaches
  • Blurry vision
  • Halos around lights
  • Redness of the eye

Due to the severity of the symptoms, angle-closure glaucoma is considered an eye emergency.

Corneal Abrasions

A corneal abrasion is a scratch on the eye. This injury can occur if you get poked in the eye or if a foreign object scrapes your eye. A corneal abrasion causes pain, redness, and light sensitivity. You should schedule an appointment with your eye doctor immediately after the injury occurs. Without proper treatment, the injury can cause an infection.

Foreign Object in the Eye

If you get something in your eye, you should first try to flush it out with water. If you cannot get it out, you should schedule an emergency appointment with your eye doctor. Trying to remove the foreign object by yourself can result in a corneal abrasion.

A Blow to the Eye

If you suffer a blow to the eye during an assault, car accident, sports accident, or a fall, you will need emergency eye care. A hard blow can cause a detached retina, and orbital blowout fracture, and other serious issues that would require treatment by an eye surgeon. If the issue is not treated, permanent vision loss can occur.

Chemicals in the Eye

If you splash any chemicals in your eye, such as gasoline, cleaning products, hairspray, or in the workplace, you should first flush your eyes with warm water for 15 minutes. After that, schedule an emergency eye care visit. The eye doctor will examine your eyes to check for a chemical burn so it can be treated promptly.

Get Emergency Eye Care in Memphis, TN

If you experience an eye-related emergency, contact our team at MECA Eye & Laser Center in Memphis immediately. Our ophthalmologists can create a treatment plan to treat the condition and preserve your vision. Call us today at (901) 767-3937 or save our number so you are ready if an emergency arises.

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