Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated by Our Ophthalmologist

Your Memphis Ophthalmologist is trained and certified to treat a wide range of eye and vision disorders. We have state-of-the-art equipment, the latest advancements in treatment modalities, and an educated and compassionate staff. We’ll answer all of your questions and deliver eye and vision treatment options that meet your individualized needs.

Conditions your Memphis Eye & Cataracts Associates eye doctor can treat include:

Cataracts – This condition, a clouding of one of both lenses of the eyes, can occur as we age. In fact, it’s the leading cause of vision loss today. Fortunately, your Memphis ophthalmologist can restore your vision with surgery to remove the affected lens and replace it with an artificial lens. We can do this through blade-free laser surgery for ultimate ease.

Corneal disorders – The cornea is the clear tissue in front of the iris. Its job is to focus light onto the retina. For various reasons, the cornea can become scarred or cloudy. Corneal transplant surgery, or keratoplasty surgery, is sometimes the answer, in which case we’ll replace the damaged organ with a donor cornea.

Diabetic retinopathy – Diabetes is a cruel disease, in that it can affect multiple organs and body functions. Diabetic retinopathy, the result of high blood sugar levels, can damage blood vessels in the retina and increase the odds of contracting glaucoma or cataracts. While damage already caused can’t be repaired, we can use laser therapy to stop the progress of the disease. Early intervention is critical to saving your vision, so be sure to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor if you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes.

Glaucoma – This serious vision disorder is caused when the fluid that usually drains normally from the eye instead builds up. The pressure eventually causes permanent damage to optic nerve fibers. For most people, the damage can be stopped or stalled with prescription eye drops. In other cases, surgery might be required. Vision loss from glaucoma occurs gradually over time, so it might take a while before you even notice a loss of vision. This lost can never be restored and glaucoma can occur in one eye or both. That’s why regular eye exams from your Memphis ophthalmologist are so important.

Dry eye syndrome – This isn’t a serious eye or vision disorder, but it can be relentless and irritating. Dry eye results from an insufficient volume of tears. Your eye will become dry and itchy and might burn. We can provide a wide range of treatment options, including prescription eye drops, antibiotics, drugs to promote tear flow or a simple switch away from contact lenses, depending on the cause of your irritation.

Common vision disorders – Nearsightedness and farsightedness can be genetic or the result of the normal aging process. See us for regular eye exams and we can diagnose your vision problems early and provide relief through eyeglass or contact lens prescription or LASIK surgery, depending on your type of disorder and other factors.

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