Comprehensive Eye Exams in Memphis

Ophthalmology has come a long way in a very short time and there are now more options than ever before in terms of caring for your eyes and getting eye exams. Eye exams are a very important part of the care of your eyes and they can truly make a difference in how healthy your eyes. For those looking for eye exams in Memphis, Memphis Eye & Cataract Associates can help.


What is a Routine Eye Exam?

Eye exams are a preventative measure that work to help make sure that your eyes are healthy. A routine exam may consist of a visual check of the eye, a check of the surface of the eye, the interior of the eye, and a prescription being written if you do need glasses. An eye exam is a necessary part of caring for your eyes, even if you do not need glasses as it does help to screen for possible eye health issues like cataracts, glaucoma, and more. It is necessary to have your eyes checked every single year to make sure that if there are health issues, they are taken care of quickly so that they do not damage the eyes permanently.

Your eyes can be healthy one moment then unhealthy the next so careful care and monitoring of the eyes is going to help make a difference in the overall health of your eyes. Visits to your optometrist is going to help make sure that if there are issues they are caught soon enough that they can be cared for and that they can be treated. You should be having eye exams each year to make sure that if you do have eye health problems they are remedied before they do permanent damage to the eye.

Should You have an Eye Exam?

Eye exams should be done each year to make sure that they are healthy and to help make sure that you are not going to have to deal with extreme damage to the eyes. Everyone needs to have an eye exam no matter how healthy you feel your eyes might be. You may have problems that you are not aware of and a good eye exam can help to find problems that may be hidden and that you may not know about.

For those that are in the Memphis area, Memphis Eye & Cataract Associates can help you to get your yearly eye exam and can help you to be sure your eyes are safe and healthy. They can help to prescribe glasses and other treatment and can also help to make sure that your eyes are going to last for years to come.  

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